Delivery Guidelines

1.Determine your date for cleansing, choice of cleanse kit, and choice of juices(ideally 1 Citrus, 2 Fruit, 2 Green, 1 Almond Milk per day)

2.Order via order menu/SMS/E-mail 3days before your cleanse date. Provide name, address, cleanse date, method of payment (Bank, account name), intagram account.

3.Order confirmation will be sent via SMS/ E-mail prior to completion of order data.

4.After recieving order confirmation, payments are to be done 2 days before cleanse date. Payment confirmation can be done via E-mail/SMS.

5.Payment confirmation that is verified will be notified via SMS/e-mail, this will also include delivery details.

6. Orders will be sent 1 day before your cleanse date.

7. Cleanse kits are to be consumed before 72 hours (3days) prior to recieving the juices.

8. For further information please contact via SMS/email.