Q How should I consume KONI juices? 
A Each cleanse kit is provided with a guide that includes in which order the juices are to be consumed and how to consume them.


Q Are KONI juices pasteurized?
A KONI juices are not pasteurized, we mantain the freshness of the fruits and vegetables ny processing them raw so the vitamins and enzymes are mantained.


Q Are the juices fresh?
A Yes of course. We produce the juices the same day that they are delivered.


Q How much calories does KONI juice contain?
A It contains approximately 50-300 calories per bottle. It is important to remember that this is a cleanse program and not a diet program.


Q I’m alergic to gluten, can I consume KONI juices?
A YES, KONI juices are gluten free and doesn’t contain anything else besides fresh fuits and vegetables.


Q I’m alergic to lactose, can I consume KONI juices?
A YES, KONI juices do not contain any dairy products.


Q Why is KONI juice expensive?
A Not all juices are made with the same process. KONI juices are made by cold press. KONI is also made of 100% fresh fruits and vegetables without the addition of water. By consuming 6 bottles of KONI juices it is equal to consuming 4 kg of fruits and vegetables.


Q How long do KONI juices stand?
A It can stand for 48-72 hours in a refrigerator.


Q Where is your production facility?
A Our juices are produced in our kitchen in Bogor.


Q The juices I recieve have sediments and separataed, is that normal?
A Sedimentation and separation of juices is normal. KONI is produced without additives that help prevent separation. That is why it is advised to shake the bottle before consumption.


Q I see white specs in my juice, is that normal?
A Juices that contain ginger usually cause white specs sediments but it is harmless and totally normal.


Q Why does the juice taste different from the one I recieved yesterday?
A We produce juices daily. Which means the taste of the fruits and vegetables used may differ.


Q What is the difference between detox and diet?
A Diet is reducing the portions of food we consume in order to reduce weight. Detox focuses on consuming good nutrients and depleting chemicals that are toxic from our body. By detox we also will be able to achieve an ideal body naturally.


Q I feel healthy, do I need to do detox?
A Detox is not done to cure sickness, it is done to deplete the toxins that are in our body. Even the healthiest people might have an organ disorder. That is why it is important for us to get rid of the toxins in our body by doing the cleanse program.


Q Isn’t our body capable of  its own natural cleansing?
A Yes, but it will be better with the help of KONI due to the state of the food and drinks that we consume that are horrible for our body.


Q What results can I expect from a cleanse?
A You can expect an increase in feelings of overall wellbeing and health and perhaps even a leaner body.


Q Who is eligible for the cleanse program?
A Almost everyone is able to do the cleanse program. We truly believe that the cleanse program has many advantages and is suitable for everyone. We do not encourage pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding or those with special disorders to do the cleanse program. Consult a doctor before undergoing the cleanse program.


Q How often should I do the cleanse program?
A It all depends on you. We reccomend you to do it once a month. Listen to your body, give it what it needs. By consuming these juices you will lead a healthier life.


Q Will I lose weight during the cleanse program?
A The answer is dofferent for each person. This depends on how our body reacts, let your own body give the best results for yoou. Generally weight loss will occur after 3 days of only consuming juice. The focus of the cleanse program is not to lose weight but to help deplete toxins from our body. Weight loss is only a side effect.


Q Will I gain all the weight back?
A Hopefully, if weight control is your goal, KONI will put you on a path towards healthier habits. Many people report being able to focus more on what they are putting into their body after a cleanse.


Q Where do I get my daily needs of protein?
A Vegetable juices are a good source of phytoprotein that meets our daily needs of protein. Almond is a great source of plant protein.


Q What are the preparations needed for a detox program?
A 1-2 days before the program increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables. Reduce coffee. Try not to eat sweet food, flour, or any food that contains trans fat, meat, milk, and other dairy products. Drink lots of water at night. Stop consuming drugs. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol or carbonated beverages.


Q Isn’t it better for me to consume fiber?
A Normally fiber is good for our digestive health, but during a cleanse program fibers cause our digestive system to work harder in separating the juices from the fibers. By eliminating fiber consumption, the digestive system is able to rest and the body can focus on detox and recovering.


Q Can I consume vitamin supplements during the cleanse program?
A We advise customers to NOT consume vitamin supplements when they are cleansing. The juices that are consumed during the cleanse program provides vitamins that are needed for our daily needs.


Q Can I do the cleanse program when I am under medication with antibiotics?
A It is better to consult a doctor first.


Q Will I feel light headed if I don’t consume solid food?
A KONI juices provide enough calories and nutrients that is enough for our body to work normally. Our mind will be clearer and our concentration will increase due to the energy that is normally used for digestion is now used by the brain. Some may experience dizziness. It is advised to rest when it occurs.


Q Will I feel pain or any disorders during the cleanse program?
A Everybody has different experiences and some might be unconfident in doing the cleanse program for the first time. You may feel hungry and want to consume solid food. If you do feel pain and want to stop the cleanse program, you can by adding  fresh raw vegetables or fruit salads for dinner.


Q Am I allowed to consume other drinks beside the juices?
A We advise you to not consume drinks containing soda, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol in order to get maximum results in the cleanse program.It is better if you consume water that is added with lemon or the herbs that are in the cleanse program.


Q After the detox program, I haven’t been able to do my bowels, is that normal?
A Yes it is a side effect of the cleanse program. The less the body consumes, the less it lets out.


Q Am I still able to do exercise during the detox program?
A Of course, the energy that is normally used for the digestive system can now be used as a source of energy to do exercise. KONI juices provides enough energy for us to do exercises. You can start by doing easy exercises like jogging. Yoga and pilates are a few choices of exercises that is best during the detox program because it also helps detox with its breathing techniques.


Q What are the symptoms of detox?
A When the body is cleansing the ‘bad agents’ in our body will be depleted and will take a new form. These ‘bad agents’ will cause a few symptoms. For example : when the body eliminates caffein you will experience dizziness and anxiety. When the body takes care of the ‘bad agents’ that come from meat and fat, it will result ini dry skin and boy odor.Coated tongues will also be symptom of detox. Bad breath, high heart beat rate, nausea, difficulty in sleeping, bitterness, and constipation may also occur.


Q Will I have enough calories by not eating anything?
A Fruit juices contain fructose that is a good source of energy. The energy that is normally used for the digestive system is used to feed other cells in the body.


Q Can I do detox and still consume other food?
A By consuming other foods, there is a risk that the nutrients and advantages provided by the juice will be lost.


Q What can I consume after the cleansing program?
A Slowly eat regularly and add fresh fruits, salads, and vegetables to your menu. Prevent consuming caffein, alcohol, salt, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. Try not to consume animal products 2-3 days prios to the cleanse program.


Q Can I do detox when I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?
A You can, but as a supplement or addition to your main menu. It is not adivsable to take KONI juices solely without consuming other foods. It is better to consult a doctor first.


Q Can children do detox?
A Yes, but it is different from the regular detox program for adults and consultation with a doctor is advised.


Q I’m a diabetic, will I be able to do the detox program?
A Diabetes is a disorder that is related to glucagon and insulin that is manged by the liver, and 1 of the advantages of  the cleanse program is that it cleans the liver from toxins. A toxin free liver will strengthen it and hopefully reduce and prevent diabetes. But it is better to consult a doctor first.


Q How long will it take to feel the results of the detox?
A It varies for every person due to the various health conditions of every person. A few factors that affect it are age, body mass, gender, metabolism, and general health.


Q Are there side effects during the cleanse program?
A The body may feel some discomfort. Nausea, vomitting, dizziness may occur. If it gets worse, it is advised to stop the program and choose a program that is easier like the 1 day cleanse.


Q Can I add sugar to the juices?
A If you must, yes. But remember to ONLY use agave nectar or stevia.


Q What if I have Candida?
A We encourage you to consume Greens, because it has the lowest amount of sugar.


Q Is it ok if I skip the green juices because I’m not able to take them down?
A No way, it’s delicious and the workhorse of the KONI. Power through it; it’s got all the good stuff. Good stuff means: vitamins, minerals, nutrients, anti-oxidants, flavanoids, enzymes and more. You could try adding some fresh squeezed lemon juice or having the juice over ice, that may help.