Cold Press

Cold press is the best way to extract fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables will be extracted by hydaulic pressing. The difference between centrifugal technique (blender) or grinding with cold press is that the pressure applied will not produce heat, resulting in extraction without damaging vitamins and enzymes. When we use a blender, fruits and vegetables are cut and grinded using blades with high rotation that will produce heat up to 50°C and will trigger oxidation, resulting in vitamins, enzymes, proteins, and minerals that are extracted to be damaged or lost. Juices produced by a blender will have lower nutritions. Besides that, juices produced with a blender will create separation due to oxidation and making the juice spoil quickly. Meanwhile, juices produced with cold press technique will be able to stand for 48-72 hours. The taste produced is also the closest to the fruit pre-juiced and has 3 times more nutritions compared to the juices made by a blender.