Cleanse Process

Detoxification is a natural process that our body goes through to neutralize toxins that are in the body and so that they can be depleted. The cleanse process is when the toxins are removed from the body. If both processe are completed, our body will retain its health. Not only the body, the mind will also be effected by the detox process resulting in a clear mind and helathy body. Optimum blood pH is 7.35-7.44, cells will be able to absorb oxygen and nutritions optimally. One way to increase the value of blood pH is by consuming fruits and vegetables, also by reducing consumption of acid forming foods (meat, dairy products, fish,caffeine, soda, sugar). The cleanse process can be achieved by only consuming juice as a substitute for the food we usually consume and nothing else. 

As a substitue for solid food and snacks, KONI juicery cleanse kit is designed to meet your daily needs of nutrition so that you will still be able to do your daily activities even without consuming  solid food. Our cleanse kit consists of 6 juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables that is made daily. Juices are made by cold press process where the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables are kept undamaged to meet our daily needs of nutrition. Each bottle is labelled with a number that indicates when you should consume them. For some people (you know whats best for your own body)  it is best to consume the juice every 2 hours starting from the juices and ending with the almond milk.

These are a few tips to optimize your cleanse process. Please do remember that every individual has a different limit to their body even have different effects. So listen to your body beacause it knows whats best for you.


1-2 days before the cleanse program, there are few things we advise you to do:

- Increaces consumption of fruits and vegetables.
- Consume a minimum of 8 glasses of water/day.
- Stop consuming drugs, ceffeine, alcohol, nicotine, refined sugars, refined starches, dairy products, meat and poultry.
- A night before fasting, have an earlier dinner of salad or a bowl of soup. Drink lots of water. Try sleeping early.
- We also recommend supplementing your diet with fatty acids, like flaxseeds which can be added to your food or taken on their own.

By following these steps, your digestive system will not be surprised due to the detox process that drastically changes your usual eating habits.


- Breathe in fresh air, avoid places with polluted air.
- Consume a minimum of 8 glasses of water/day.
- Have enough rest.
- Shower 2 times a day to get rid of the toxins that are romved from our body through the skin.
- Infra-red sauna to mantain good body temperatur that helps the detoxification process
- Exercise, it helps to deplete the toxins through sweat. Try jogging, light walks, or pilates.
- Consider a massage or reflexology treatment.
- Avoid consuming drugs like supplements. The juices already meet your daily needs of nutrition.
- Skin brushing, to prevent limfoma
- Meditation, to reduce stress.
- Probiotic consumption to repopulate microorganisms needed in the digestive system. 


- Slowly start to consume solid foods like fruits and vegetables.
- Eat organic vegetable salads or soups.
- Chew your food slowly and thoroughly
- Stop consuming drinks containing caffein and replacing it with tea.
- Avoid overconsumption of salt.
- Reduce the consumtion of alcohol.
- Consume coloured fruits and vegetables to obtain antioxidants.
- Try to resume the consumption of meat after 3-4 days prior to the cleans process.

  1. Day 1:
    Breakfast: Fresh fruit or raw veggie salad 
    Lunch: Fruit/Vegetable smoothie
    Dinner: Steamed vegetables, raw vegetable salad (dressing: flax oil or olive oil with lemon)

  2. Day 2:

    Breakfast: Fruit salad, smoothie or vegetable juice
    Lunch: Raw salad, one type of steamed vegetable. (Try some goat cheese with it!) 
    Dinner: Raw salad, steamed vegetables, small amount of starch such as whole grains (brown rice or quinoa) or sweet potato, legumes.

  3. Day 3:

    Stick to anything listed above, plus the pre-cleanse diet.

Congratulations! You have completed the cleanse process. Now your body will be healthier than before!