About Us

Health is our most valuble asset. To have good health and stay healthy is everyones right. It’s too bad nowadays most of us don’t cherish the importance of staying healthy. Moreover, the fact that our enviroment is filled with toxins from pollution, food, drinks, radiation, etc. Which only contributes to ruining our body. If we let this be, our body will absorb the toxins and as a result our immune system will drop, higher stress levels, and of course diseases. This is the sole idea of why KONI Juices was produced, to be an ‘answer’ that is easy, effective, and won’t interfere with our daily routines. An answer that will relieve our stress, help cure our diseases, and make us become healthy naturally.

 “ KONI comes from the word Connaître which is french for ‘to know’ “

An easy way to stay healthy is what KONI Juices provides. Balanced vital nutritions can be achieved by everyone, from the bussiest to the laziest, from an everyday joe to the most ripped athlete, through KONI’s cleansing program. A program that is made of consuming a wide variety of fresh raw fruits and vegetables which is processed using cold press technique. KONI Juices are produced daily to maintain freshness in every bottle.

“Stay healthy the simple way! Let us do it for you!”

KONI Juices provides 5 choices for your juces Green, Citrus, Fruit, Root, and Signature that can be ordered ala carte or clense kit. KONI Juices will also be delivered to you according to your schedule.

“You can always juice it yourself, but we understand you’re busy, so let us juice it for you professionally with high standards. Let us do the work while you enjoy the ride”